ARSCO Invests
In the Future
of Custom Manufacturing

ARSCO continues to be bullish on the future of custom manufacturing with fully automated fabrication facilities. Their latest investment is in the TRUMPF TruMatic 6000.

The TruMatic 6000 sports an open C-frame, making access easy and offering room for manual or automated loading. However, much of the reason for ARSCO's investment is due to its automated functions. The equipment is fully automated, meaning it can run without a staff member having to be present to monitor the machine.

Images and information provided by Trumpf and used with permission. To learn more about the Trumpf TruMatic 6000 click here or visit

Already an established leader in custom sheet metal fabrication, ARSCO is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for products made... [read more]

The TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 The robust universal machine


The TruMatic 6000 is a versatile machine with sophisticated laser and punching technology. The powerful punching head and laser guarantee high productivity and excellent quality. The clever laser concept and universal cooling interface provide outstanding energy balance. Due to the simple operating concept, you can produce parts up to 0.3 inches quickly and easily - and as a result of the intelligent software functions, with process reliability.

  • The best edge quality

    The TruFlow CO2 laser guarantees an excellent edge quality through outstanding beam quality.

  • Scratch-free processing

    The descending die enables scratch-free punching and forming processes.

  • Clever automation

    With the SheetMaster, you can load, unload, and sort parts reliably and automatically.


One cutting head for everything

With the TruMatic 6000, you can process all types of materials and thicknesses with the same cutting head due to the beam guidance. There is no need to change the head, meaning that non-productive times are reduced.

Complete part processing - post-processing is generally not required

The electro-hydraulic punching head completely processes parts, and for the most parts, makes downstream work steps unnecessary.

Safe removal

You can remove parts in a process reliable way via sensor-protected punching and loading flaps.


Flexible Forming

High quality outer contours and delicate inner contours: With the slim laser head of a TruMatic, you can cut very near to, or even on, forms which have already been created. You can also achieve unusual contours with process reliability.

Wide range of contour flexibility

Process sheets up to 0.3 inches thick with a wide range of contour flexibility, including tapping, countersinking, and weld positioning. For this component, the following tools were used: embossing tool, countersink forming tool, tapping tool, center boss tool, special punching tool.

Impressive tool variety

With the options of roller technology and tapping, you can also produce complex components. For this component, the following tools were used: tapping tool, cup tool, cup tool rectangular and round, and special step tool.


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