Whether you’re protecting people from your machinery or your machinery from the elements, ARSCO designs and produces top-quality sheet metal solutions for any use and any project.

Custom Radiator Covers

Optimize heat flow and control the climate with a range of stylish coverings for any space. As a one-stop-shop, ARSCO produces our own line of radiator covers that can be customized for any size, shape and space.

Anti-ligature + Tamper Resistant Products

Anti-ligature, tamper-proof covers ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, apartments or anywhere where safety is a priority. Manufactured to fit all major brands, including units with hydronic heating coils, for new installations and retrofitting projects alike.

ARSCO can fabricate furniture, Television Enclosures, Alarm Enclosures, Thermostat Enclosures, Toilet Enclosures, Window Guards, Exhaust Grilles, Trap Enclosures, Pass through doors.

Pipe, Sprinkler + Soffit Enclosures

Custom built to comply with regulations and engineered for wall or floor mounting. Designed for all types of institutional settings with a long-lasting powder coated finish that stands up to wear and tear.

Fan Coil Covers

Wall or floor mounted and fully enclosed, our fan coil covers are tamper-proof and ideal for renovation and remodeling projects on new or existing equipment.

ARSCO Fin Tube Cover FT90FM-PLG
ARSCO Fin Tube Cover FT90FM-PLG

Fin Tube Covers

Floor mounted, wall mounted, any size, any length – our fin tube covers are built for durability wherever you need them – churches, offices, schools, industrial facilities and other spaces. And they’re available with a variety of customizable design options to make sure your equipment does its best work.

Baseboard Heater Covers

Engineered to protect workers and visitors while maximizing air flow and keeping heaters free from damage. Available with easy-access maintenance features, insulation and a powder-coated finish for style and safety.

Induction Unit Covers

Made to any specifications for installation on old or new units. Elevate the look of a space and save energy and money over the long term.