ARSCO Renovates Schools with Classroom Cabinets, Unit Ventilator Shelving

ARSCO is a leader in the manufacture of classroom cabinets and unit ventilator shelving. For 77 years, we have worked with architects, builders and contractors to design and build high quality classroom cabinets and unit ventilator shelving for America’s schools, and universities, and libraries.

ARSCO construction is institutional grade, which means it is designed for safety, and is child-resistant, and fade-resistant. Like all ARSCO products, our classroom cabinets and unit ventilator shelving is designed for easiest installation and maintenance.

In 2010, ARSCO participated in the renovation of all heating and cooling systems, for the Beavercreek, Ohio city schools, a project which included unit ventilator shelving, classroom cabinetry, and other HVAC-related products.

Classroom cabinets, unit ventilator shelving and other products designed and manufactured by ARSCO were installed in three elementary schools – Park, Main, and Fairbrook – within the Beavercreek (Ohio) system.

More than 500 total units were supplied by ARSCO. These included 225 unit ventilator shelving units, 200 pipe covers, 70 relief air enclosures, and various custom cabinetry configurations. ARSCO matched the textured charcoal bronze and off-white HVAC equipment supplied by McQuay for a professional, streamlined look that was also very cost-effective for the school system.

ARSCO has the experienced design resources to assist with custom projects, both new and retrofit, and can work with you on a fast-track basis when needed.