ARSCO Completes Project to Abate Sound, Improve Energy Efficiency and Ventilation

Work was part of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Airport School Sound Insulation Program at Our Lady of Victory Elementary School.

ARSCO completed a fast-track project for a Cincinnati school that encompassed the main, 3-story Library / Science Building.

Heating on the campus is by natural gas fired, atmospheric type hot water boiler. Heating water is pumped from the boiler room to the main building by underground piping, where it’s distributed to unit ventilators, and terminal heating units such as cabinet unit heaters, fin radiation and convectors.  Ventilation is provided by unit ventilation classroom units.

ARSCO engineered and fabricated 157 custom open shelving bookcase units, for 24 rooms. Units were constructed of mild steel, with louvers, laminate tops and fillers for wall-to-wall fit. Each was powder coated for maximum long-term scratch and fade-resistance, as well as cleanliness, in a custom color.

The ARSCO ventilation units draw ambient air from the windows for direct return to the unit ventilators, resulting in more efficient energy use, and substantial abatement of outside noise from low flying aircraft approaching Cincinnati-Northern KY airport.

ARSCO is a leading provider of school sound insulation products, cabinetry, ventilation shelving, fin tube covers, radiator enclosures pipe covers and replacement covers for “through the wall” climate control systems.  We work with architects, contractors and school administrators to provide highest quality, greatest value, quick turn-around and expert installation support.

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