Radiator Cabinets and Enclosures Add Style and Save Dollars

Radiators are an incredibly efficient and comfortable way to heat a home - but they're often pretty ugly! The challenge is to make radiators look good, and to improve energy efficiency. That can be a tall order: depending on how they're made, radiator cabinets can either become heat insulators, absorbing heat and driving utility costs higher, or they can direct heat inefficiently, so warm air is not directed into the "comfort zone," but is wasted, because air is directed improperly. When this happens, the room develops hot and cold spots, heat is wasted, and again, utility costs go up.

Econo-cover was founded by two experts in the design and manufacture of quality metal radiator cabinets. Based on more than 45 years' experience, they have created a simple, straightforward design, and reduced the manufacturing costs for radiator cabinets and enclosures that are within these dimensions:

  • 15" to 96" long
  • 22" to 40" high

Econo-cover radiator cabinets are manufactured with square or rounded corners, with custom features you can read about here:

We offer 6 great standard colors. All of our radiator enclosures are primed for maximum corrosion protection. They're also powder-coated, so they're durable, mar-resistant, and fade-resistant.

The Econo-Cover idea is to provide low cost radiator cabinets that protect people and their pets, conserve energy by directing heat properly, and are decorative and durable. We think this is exactly what America wants, based on the many orders we've received since this website was created.

Econo-Cover radiator enclosures and cabinets are proudly made in the USA. Lead time is just 4-5 weeks- very fast for a custom product. Let us help you add style and save dollars on energy.