Wood vs Metal Radiator Screens

Sawn ends of timber logs, cut wood, with wood grain pattern.

Whether you call them radiator screens, covers or enclosures, these decorative room accessories are a quick, effective and economical way to conceal a radiator while enhancing the look of your home. Screens manufactured by Beautiful Radiators com are also proven to improve heating efficiency all winter long.  Why is this?

Metal radiator screens that are designed and fitted to your radiator like ours evenly distribute heat throughout the comfort zone of the room, while directing warmth away from areas where it would be wasted:  the walls, ceilings and, most importantly, windows.

When you compare the use of our metal radiator screens to having plain, bare radiators, the difference is significant.  With our top panel over your radiator, our metal radiator screens force heat down and through the warming vents.  Moving heat into the center of the room allows it to immediately circulate upward and throughout the comfort zone.  Without metal radiator screens, heat goes straight up to the ceiling, where most of it is wasted.

Now, let's discuss the differences between metal radiator screens vs. those made from wood.  Wood is one of the great insulators!  Without getting overly technical, insulators are materials whose atoms have tightly bound electrons. Insulators prevent electrons from flowing easily between atoms.  When electrons can't move about and be shared by neighboring atoms, energy is stopped in its tracks.

Some of the most common insulators are glass, plastic, rubber, and wood.  Wood is not the material you want around your radiators, absorbing and preventing the movement of valuable heat energy!

That said, some homeowners are willing to sacrifice some heating efficiency for the distinctive look that wood offers.

If you can imagine it . . . we can build it!

Any steam radiators can easily be fitted with a custom enclosure for a look that’s lighter and brighter, and more “kid-friendly.” And steam radiators with a suitable grill top provide space for toys, books or photos.

No matter what size or model, steam radiators can be transformed into useful space.

Options Create the Ultimate Custom Enclosure!
You can select round or mitered corners, insulated tops, cut-outs and notches – and much more!

For nearly eight decades, we’ve made radiator heating . . . a beautiful thing! This winter, with home energy prices high, you can keep utility costs low . . . and do it with style!