Own a Bed & Breakfast?

Cover those ugly radiators with new beautiful covers and give your rooms a fresh new look!

For more than 25 years, owners and contractors for some of America’s loveliest B&Bs have chosen our radiator enclosures. Here's why:

  • They are an easy, inexpensive way to brighten rooms while maintaining the authenticity and charm that makes B&Bs such special places.

  • We offer many ways to customize enclosures to match the distinctive character of each guest room and suite, including 3 grill styles to complement victorian, "pre-war," art deco, Cape Cod and other decors. Enclosures can also be manufactured with shelving, and can include levelers for uneven floors and offset tops to clear window sills.

  • Our radiator enclosures offer unlimited color choices! We offer six standard colors and unlimited custom colors. All enclosures are powder coated for longest life, and greatest resistance to scratching and fading.

  • Our unique enclosure design preserves heat energy. As you plan to buy a B&B, minimizing utility costs will be important to your financial success. The channel pattern of our enclosures directs heat through the grill and into the comfort zone of the room - away from walls and windows. Our enclosures minimize heat and losses and make each room more comfortable with less energy.

  • Radiator enclosures also protect your guests, staff and even you from exposed hot radiators.

  • Our radiator enclosures are easy to fit, and install in minutes with no special tools required.

We also manufacture ceiling soffit covers, and base cabinets for every storage need –
email for details.

Deciding to buy a B&B is an important decision. We can help you make one of the many tasks ahead easy and problem-free!


The Doctors House

The Doctors House is an elegant Bed & Breakfast in Martha’s Vineyard. This beautiful home was built in 1908 during the Arts and Crafts period, on a bluff overlooking Vineyard Haven Harbor. The house was home and office to three generations of doctors and their families before becoming a B&B in the mid 80s.

The radiator enclosures we made for The Doctors House help preserve the memorable charm and distinctive character of this lovely inn.